Well as you can notice, this corner of the website its dedicated to this tiny chaotic man called Frank Iero and his music
I love him really much and I really needed to do this for expressing my fanaticism somewhere lmao. Hope u enjoy it :)

I have to admit that i knew him just last year. I had some notion of who he was bc who tf doesn't know mcr, but i wasn't a fan, i didn't gave me the time to really listem to them; but then one day I said to myself 'well, let's give them a chance and listen to Three Cheers', spoiler: i got obsessed.

And well, after listening their entire discography over and over again for weeks and weeks, i've decided to listen to their solo music to see what's up with them. I listened to Gerard's one first and then to Frank's one, and to be honest the first thought i had was 'this sucks' mostly for his voice lmaoo but for some reason i was returning to listening to him again, and again, and again, until i ended up liking it, then i knew more about him, i started reading his lyrics, and fuck i got obsessed again.

Actually his music is pretty good and now he is one of my favourite musicians :) I really like his lyrics and like, they make me feel kinda understood bc i relate to many of them. also i love all the musical stuff, his style, melodies, guitars, production, everything, he's really talented. this last year he has been a support for when i'm feeling shitty.

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