why tf do u wanna know about me??

about me???

name?: ivan/isaac
age: 17 (08/12)
pronouns: he/xe/they
MBTI: entp 9w8
country: chile



oh hi there! so u want to know about me... well, people call me abbo, i'm basically a relaxed dude, kinda dumb and shy also, who bases their entire personality on musicians and constantly struggles with gender yay. I'm non binary and bisexual.

music i ♡ : bright eyes, buzzcocks, mcr, weezer, the get up kids, elliott smith, cursive, tegan and sara, radiohead, the smiths, the cure, the beatles, mbv, a the drive in, bôa, deftones, conor oberst, blur, ratm, the byrds, the kinks, elvis costello, etc.

other likes : south park, pokemon, ace attorney, star trek, b99, fmab, serial experiments lain, gravity falls, the sims, stardew valley, mbti, science fiction books


watching: jojo's, hxh

reading: las cenizas del juramento

doing: studying

memes bc why not