about me

names abbo pronouns they/he/xe
age 17 country chileanπŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

contact and linkz

discord: abbo#2135
spacehey β”‚ tumblr β”‚ prns page

oh hi! i'm abbo, basically a relaxed dude, kinda dumb and shy also, who likes music a lot and constantly struggles with gender yay. I'm non binary, bisexual and aromantic, also ENTP 9w1 954 sp/so.

i live in a cold town in the south chile, were i was born in winter of 2004. i'm still a highschool student and i'm in 11th grade. I don't know yet what i want to do with my life exactly to be honest.

one of my favorite things of life its music :) it has helped me alot. i play some instruments, like the guitar and keyboard since i'm 14 years old (unfortunately I sing like shit). other thing i love it's drawing. i've been doing it since i had memory and it really relaxes me. i draw on traditional and digital, and I mostly do fanart.

fyi my english its not the best, and also my social skills sucks even on the internet, so, sorry if i have some misunderstandings or i literally don't know what to reply.

mcr*, frank iero*, bright eyes*, conor oberst*, the cure, blur, buzzcocks, leathermouth, the smiths, weezer, the beatles, deftones, rage against the machine, the get up kids, jawbreaker, texas is the reason, my bloddy valentine, los bunkers, los prisioneros, etc. mbti, 31 minutos, star trek, south park, brooklyn 99, sims, cristianghost