about me?!?

IVÁN/VAN 18 yrs old
he/him ★ esp/pt/eng

Oh hi there! so u want to know about me... I'm Iván (ee-VAN not I-van), just a relaxed dude, I consider myself a shy extrovert person. I'm half chilean and brazilian, but I was raised and I'm currently living in Chile. I'm a first year computer science (engineering) student!

some music i like : korol i shut, legião urbana, kinó, bright eyes, los bunkers, buzzcocks, elliott smith, mcr, weezer, the smiths, the cure, the beatles, bôa, deftones, blur, rage against the machine, the byrds, etc.

other likes : star trek, hannibal, 31 minutos, south park, brooklyn 99, breaking bad, sherlock, serial experiments lain, jojo's, fullmetal alchemist, sonic, pokemon, GTA IV, ace attorney, vocaloid, etc.


watching: monster

reading: nothing

doing: chilling