iván he/him ★ 19yo chilean-brazilian

languages: spanish (n), portuguese, english, russian (learning).

typology: ENTP 9w8 945 sp/so.

hobbies: drawing, listening to music, playing the guitar, reading and writing, learning useless things.

occupations: 1st year computer engeenering student, the "communist" friend, the 4th lgbt cousin.

now playing:

esperando vocē - terno rei
about the webmaster oh hi there! I'm iván (e-VAN not I-van), just a relaxed dude, I consider myself a shy extrovert person. I'm half chilean and brazilian, but I was raised and I'm currently living in chile. I'm a first year computer engineering student, but I spend my time mostly listening to music or drawing.

about kidwiththechemicalz: this website started in 2021 as a pandemic entertainment and a place to put my thoughts. I was a 16-17 year old, bored and all day in his stinky bedroom; online classes left him a lot of free time. I started coding websites firstly on the dead myspace93, where yeah, I learned to code CSS before HTML. idk how, but from there I got here, and well, 2 years have passed by.
some music I like korol i shut !!, legião urbana, kinó, bright eyes, los bunkers, buzzcocks, sex pistols, system of a down, elliott smith, mcr, weezer, the smiths, the cure, the beatles, bôa, deftones, blur, rage against the machine, the byrds, oingo boingo, peremotka, ekatarina velika, etc. currently for some reason I'm getting into russian and yugoslav rock?
other likes star trek, hannibal, 31 minutos, south park, brooklyn 99, breaking bad, serial experiments lain, jojo's, fullmetal alchemist, sonic, pokemon, GTA IV, ace attorney, vocaloid, skate 3, valorant